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What is game design?

Game design is the idea behind making the videogames. It is a large field and taken from the field of computer science, programming, graphic design and creative writing. Those involved in game designs lead in creativity and bringing the game to life. Game designers are hugely involved in creating stories, characters and gameplay. The game designers create or set the rules as well as the points system the difficulty level of how the game will be played-whether form a challenging.

What game designers do?

Game designers are decision-makers. They can also be involved in making maps of the various locations and again or level designs. In games design that can be the script writer for an entire video game. In some cases, game designer stick to full credit for the actual idea of scripts, game features, the characters and the total details of the videogames.

Roles on the game development team?

Asset as they depicted a game design is a wide field, there are many roles in the development team that game designers hold before becoming in Lead designer which are listed below:

–          interface designer

–          environment designer

–          game artist and content designer

–          programmer and system designer

–          game writer and storyline developer

–          level designer

–          script writer

–          writer

–          senior game designer

How much do game designers earn?

For game designers with a high level of experience they average about £50,000, while a designer with less than three years’ experience earn up to £30,000 a year. This is up to 60 pics that it is also a good field to go into.

Skills required to be a game designer

For dreams in creating a video game to become a reality a prospective game designer must acquire trainings and skills. These skills is coupled with experience however experience is gained and not studied for.

A video game designer must have some form of basis in programming in any language especially in C#, C++ etc. This is because a video game is basically a sophisticated computer software that is designed to run but still to accept commands and inputs through the controller. That is why to work in this field, a video game designer must have some knowledge about computer programming. Although, there are new application packages that can be used in building a video game without the need of coding, there are limits to what they can do and that is why having a background in programming can help which in some case does not have to be a long or detailed skill but some basis can be helpful to a game designers career.


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