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How to make a PC run as fast as a new.

There are many reasons that can make a relatively new or functional computer to run slow after a period of time which could be regular windows update, downloading and playing of games, saving too many files on the storage drive, virus and it could be the fact that a Pc has become too old for the new software being used take for instance installing Microsoft office 2013 on a Windows Vista Operating system; this actually means the CPU is running at a max. All these can make a Pc run slow.

However, there are ways to make a Pc run as new as it was purchased which I will explain below:

  1. First things first is to Uninstall useless software that you hardly or do not need on the Pc. Sometimes these software may have out-used their purpose. Or may not be required for a long while in this case it is better to uninstall it and when it is needed again just re-install it as long as you have the source files (CD/DVD). To achieve this click on Start—– Control Panel—– Programs and Features.


    Fig 1

  2. Installing Ccleaner: This is a software with great with many features that can uninstall and also remove startup applications. By doing, this applications that start as soon as windows loads can be put in another order; order to only start whenever it is required e.g. skype, VMware, Virtualbox, Dropbox, Updaters etc. This software can be downloaded freely online for a trial.


    Fig 2

  3. Installing Malwarebytes: This is another powerful software that can be used to remove malwares in the computer. This software just like Ccleaner does not need to be a full version but can be the trial version downloaded online. This anti-malware software can perform three types of scan namely: quick, full and a flash scan. You can choose any scan you prefer but preferable quick scan.



  4. Choosing High performance Power Plan: This favours the performance but may require more energy. Follow this steps highlighted below. Click on Start—– Control Panel—– Power Options—– select High performance.




  5. Stop some services: Click on Start—– type services and press enter—- Application experience—– Right click and choose stop. Follow the same steps on Distributed Link Tracking Client, IP Helper, Print Spooler, Superfetch.



  6. Adjust For Best Performance: This is to adjust the performance of the processor, visual effects, how the memory is utilized and virtual memory. Follow the steps below: Right click on My computer—– Properties—– on the left tab, Click on Advanced systems settings—– on the Performance section click on settings and then apply




Diag6b   Diag6c

7. Adjust Virtual Memory: On the above diagram, click on Advanced tab Diag6d With Programs high lightened, click on change—– Uncheck Automatically manage paging file size for all drives—– Type in the custom space the desired maximum memory size. To get achieve this, the PC will state the recommended size to use which should be fine to put in the custom space. Like in my case my laptop has a 4GB memory size and the custom size allowed to go as far as 6141 MB  Diag7b



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